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    Reducing cognitive load

    ·2 mins
    I wrote yesterday about how by promoting autonomy we can empower the users of our data platform to take on more ownership and responsibility.


    ·1 min
    You might have noticed how I keep using the word autonomy in these posts, for example a couple of days ago when writing about a contract-based data platform and yesterday when linking to lessons from BlaBlaCar.

    Lessons from BlaBlaCar

    ·2 mins
    This blog post from BlaBlaCar shares some great lessons - not just for implementing data mesh, but for any platform team looking to build products for internal stakeholders.

    A contract-based data platform

    ·3 mins
    Data contracts are powerful enough you can build a data platform based on them - one that is more flexible and more effective than those we built before and promotes a more decentralised approach to data.

    Answer with docs

    ·1 min
    It’s a reality that when working in a team that supports or enables others you’ll have a steady stream of people asking you questions.

    Data incidents

    ·2 mins
    No matter what we do, when working at sufficient scale and/or sufficient speed it’s inevitable that things will go wrong.