Software engineer and tech lead. Enjoy solving problems and getting things done. Always looking to learn and improve.

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About Me

I'm a software engineer with over eight years experience working at ARM in Cambridge, UK.

For the last four years I have been the tech lead on our internal metrics platform, which aims to collect and store ARMs engineering and operations data and prepare it for further analyses. This has exposed me to technologies from the Big Data world, including Apache Spark, Apache Flume, EXASOL, and Tableau.

Outside of work I enjoy being active. I've ran a number of half marathons (PB 1hr 40) and am a member of the Broxbourne Rowing Club having recently completed a learn to row course there.

At home I enjoy occasional baking and beer making, and working on side projects to improve my technical skills. Currently I’m writing an Apple Watch app to track my rowing.

For more information see my bio or contact me via LinkedIn, Twitter, or at .