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Vertical slicing

When delivering on a large project (data contracts, data mesh, or any large project) you need to realise value early and often.

If you don’t:

  • You’re not validating your designs
  • You’re not collecting timely user feedback
  • (Eventually) You’re going to lose the backing and investment you need to complete the project

That means you can’t spend the first 6 months building a perfect contract-driven data platform, then another 12 months supporting the rollout of decentralised data products, before finally delivering some business value through analytics, AI, or some other data-driven application.

Instead, you need to deliver a vertical slice of the project that delivers business value through the minimal foundations required.

A diagram showing a vertical slice over Contract-driven data platform, Decentralised data products, with Analytics, AI, and Apps at the top.

Now, each time you deliver something you’re testing your capabilities, collecting feedback from users in real-world applications, while building out a bit more of the foundation layers.

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    Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones