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Celebrating small wins

It’s important to celebrate small wins.

A cake with the message RIP Subcontractor written on it.

We recently decommissioned a small utility service called subcontractor, which managed some of the resources we create from our data contracts.

It was only ever supposed to be temporary. We were waiting until GCP Config Connector supported all the functionality we needed, as that’s our preferred way to manage cloud resources.

Finally we were able to decommission it! Which means:

  • Reduced cognitive load for users (having to know there is a second way to manage some resources, and how to use it)
  • One less thing to maintain - deleting thousands of lines of Go code
  • Simplifies our stack so we can move faster

It’s a small win, but we rarely celebrate our wins. It’s always on to the next one!

So, I thought it was worth getting a cake for 🙂

I thought the bakery might ask about the message on it, but thankfully they didn’t!

For more on how we generate resources from data contracts see my post about a data contract-based data platform.

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    Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones