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2 parts to implementing data contracts

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There are 2 parts to implementing data contracts.

One is the tooling that allows your data producers to provide data through an interface. That’s where you implement change management and other data governance policies.

The second is a program to transform the culture of your organisation to one where data producers understand why they need to provide data through this interface, apply more discipline to the production of data, and why that benefits the organisation.

It doesn’t matter how good the tooling is if you fail on the transformation.

That’s why in my upcoming workshop I spend half the time on the tooling, so you can see how to implement data contracts.

And half the time on the transformation, so you can make that implementation successful.

Register your interest for the London event (May 30) or the San Francisco event (June 10) by completing this form and you’ll be the first to know when official registration goes live.

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    Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones