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Understanding the concepts, and applying them at your organisation

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There’s a lot of great writing out there about interesting ideas like data contracts, data mesh, and much more.

I think much of it (including some of mine!) makes the mistake that they describe these ideas and specify exactly what it should look like in practice in a perfect world.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect. And often, good is good enough.

Furthermore, every organisation is different.

Not every organisation is able or willing to change their structure, replace their data platforms, build new tooling, and so on. Nor is everyone in a position to propose such a big change.

But, the concepts being discussed could still be applied.

When reading about the next big idea, pare it back to the concepts and what problems they are intended to solve.

That will make it easier to consider if it’s something worth bringing to your organisation, and if so, how to apply it in a way that provides the most value.

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    Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones