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Writing daily

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I’ve written before how much I love writing.

Often, I’m writing for myself. By writing things down I feel forced to think critically about the subject. What do I know? What don’t I know? Am I able to explain it clearly? It’s a forcing function to help clarify my ideas.

But there’s one thing lacking when writing for myself - feedback. I get few signals that my ideas are good until I start sharing them with others, and by then I’ve already invested a lot in them.

Also, there is a higher cost to writing about fully formed ideas. I feel the post should be a certain length, should include diagrams to help explain the idea. That cost is often off-putting, which means they stay unwritten.

Inspired by Jonathon Stark, I’m going to try starting a daily newsletter. I’ll post about anything I’ve found interesting or any idea I have in the software, data, and platform engineering. I’ll also share things about leadership, project management and communication - including, of course, writing.

This is day 1. Let’s see how it goes.