I have recently been working with cookies from JavaScript and started looking for a Firefox extension to help. I knew there would be plenty, so I started to try a couple. Then I stumbled on Firecookie and the search was over!

Firecooke is an extension for Firebug and is written by Jan Odvarko, who is also a full time contributor to Firebug. Among other things it allows you to:

  • Browse and inspect cookies
  • Add, edit or delete cookies
  • Log cookie events

Screenshot taken from http://www.softwareishard.com/blog/firecookie/.

I love the way it plugs into Firebug and it provides all the functionality I needed (plus a bit more). For more information about Firecookie check out its homepage.

Incidentally working with cookies in JavaScript is fairly easy. For a good overview take a look at the articles by PPK over at QuirksMode and by Nicholas C. Zakas, or use a JavaScript library such as YUI or jQuery.