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Why I wrote a book on data contracts

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With the release of my book on data contracts, I wanted to share why I agreed to write this book, and what it means to me personally.

The opportunity came in December 2022, when Apeksha Shetty from Packt reached out to me on LinkedIn and suggested a book on data contracts might be a good idea, and I might be a good person to write it!

I had never considered writing a book before, and financially it’s really not worth it. But, I love writing, and while I think I’m pretty good at it, this sounded like an opportunity to get even better. If practice makes perfect, then this would be a lot of practice!

I also had so many ideas about data contracts that I wanted to share, but never really got in to the habit of blogging regularly. When I did share those ideas in podcasts and talks, or when speaking to data professionals at other organisations big and small, they always went down well, so I was confident I was on to something.

Even though it wasn’t the ideal time personally, with a baby under 1 and an amazing but exhausting 3 year old to keep up with, it felt like an opportunity I couldn’t pass! And so I agreed, and got to work.

6 months later, it’s real!

I’ve put so much into this book, and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. Everyone who has read it before release has said such nice things about it, and I hope that continuous now it’s out in the world.

I know some people wont like it and there will be negative reviews. There are a percentage of people who would never have liked it, no matter what I wrote! Honestly, I’m apprehensive about seeing these reviews and know I’ll need to learn to block those out, not letting them affect my own mental health. I can’t let them be the thing that I use to measure the value of the book, or myself.

So, I hope this book helps you, and if it does I’d love to hear about it ♥️.