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Social Bookmarks for Foswiki

·2 mins

I have knocked up a small add on for Foswiki that makes it easy to add social bookmarking and news links to a Foswiki page. It is called the SocialBookmarkingAddOn and is available at It relies on no other extensions and currently supports the following five sites:

  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon

The add on is used with the %INCLUDE% macro, which among other things can grab a section of a topic. For example, to create a link to Digg, you would include the “digg” section of the SocialBookmarkingAddOn topic with the following macro:

%INCLUDE{"System.SocialBookmarkingAddOn" section="digg" }%

This would be fine if you only wanted one link on a small amount of pages, but is obviously a lot of typing if you want to add five links to many pages. Luckily in Foswiki we can easily create our own macros in our SitePreferences topic, or our WebPreferences topic if we only want them in one web. So by adding the following, we can use the %SOCIALBOOKMARKS% macro in any topic we want it:

* Set SOCIALBOOKMARKS = %INCLUDE{"System.SocialBookmarkingAddOn" section="delicious" }% %INCLUDE{"System.SocialBookmarkingAddOn" section="digg" }% %INCLUDE{"System.SocialBookmarkingAddOn" section="reddit" }% %INCLUDE{"System.SocialBookmarkingAddOn" section="facebook" }% %INCLUDE{"System.SocialBookmarkingAddOn" section="stumbleupon" }%

Hopefully some might find this useful. This add on also shows just how flexible and powerfull Foswiki can be straight out of the box.