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Andrew Jones



New version of mp4meta fixes IMDB data

·1 min
As promised, I have pushed out a new version of mp4meta which fixes getting IMDB data by using the IMDB API via WebService::IMDBAPI.

Introducing WebService::IMDBAPI

·1 min
WebService::IMDBAPI is a Perl 5 interface to the IMDB API, a free service which provides a nice API to the IMDB data.


New version of mp4meta released

·1 min
This week I pushed out a new version of mp4meta, my script to apply iTunes style metadata to a video (see my introduction post for information on what mp4meta does).


·1 min
Every line of code you write has a cost.

Introducing WebService::TVDB

·1 min
Note: This module is now called WebService::TVDB, as it’s a more appropriate namespace.