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Building a REST API with Finch and Finagle

·9 mins
Hello world Unit tests Accepting POST Calling a downstream API Testing with a mock Github response Summary A while ago I wrote about using Finagle for an API endpoint.


·2 mins
I recently spent a couple of nights in Berlin.

Learning to Row

·1 min
Looking for a change and a challenge, I joined the Broxbourne Rowing Clubs Learn to Row course last October.


Takeley 10 2016

·2 mins
A few weeks ago my wife and I ran the Takeley 10k.

Habitat, by Chef

·2 mins
One of the talks at the recent London DevOps meetup was about Habitat, a new product from Chef.

Why your master datastore should be immutable

·3 mins

Thinking about how your master dataset is stored and managed is arguably the most important part of architecting a data-driven system. Your master dataset is your source of truth. An issue here, be it hardware failure, human error, or something else, could easily result in irreparable damage to some or all of your data.