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The democratisation of Data Science

·2 mins
There’s a trend in the industry to make data science and machine learning more accessible, allowing engineers to build and deploy standard models without needing to have a strong data science background.

What does a Tech Lead do?

·2 mins
I’ve been a Tech Lead for a few years now, though I’d say I’ve only been a good Tech Lead for about a year.


Lambda Architecture in 2020

·2 mins
As I start to think about some of the upcoming projects we’ll be working on over the next year and how we might go about building them, I wanted to consider where lambda architecture fits in our toolbox for building data services.

The benefits of postmortems

·1 min
Postmortems are a well established process followed in the aftermath of an incident.


Transparency as a tool

·2 mins
The revelation by British, Dutch, and American spies of the systematic espionage by Russia was astonishing in many ways.

If your data is worth storing, it's worth structuring

·3 mins
When some people talk about a Data Lake (or Hadoop, or even just Big Data), they go on to say that we can store all our data, unstructured, forever, and be able to analyse it at any time (maybe even in real-time!

Brewing Beer

·5 mins
Right now I’m drinking my 5th homebrewed beer.


Getting started with Kafka and Beam

·2 mins
I’ve been investigating using Apache Kafka with Apache Beam and set up a small prototype environment using Docker Compose.