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NASA publishes evidence on climate change. Will it convince the sceptics?

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NASA recently published a page entitled Climate Change: Evidence1 that provides what it calls compelling evidence on the existence of climate change and the fact it is “very likely human-induced”.

Unfortunately, it did not make the news (unlike the many negative stories, such as the infamous leaked emails2.

The problem is that despite the overwhelming evidence3, climate change skepticism is everywhere. But why? Is it because people don’t want to take responsibility? Is it because people don’t see the effects? Or are some people just gullible?4 5 (Someone I know read one book denouncing climate change and believed everything it said. He wouldn’t listen to any other argument because this one book had convinced him! Wish I remembered what book it was…)

However, even if your are a sceptic, and have an answer to all the scientific evidence, the fact is that rising temperatures is costing people their lives today6 7, in particular the very poor in Africa and Asia. If by reducing emissions we can help save peoples lives, why would we not do it?

For me, that is the question we should be asking. Whether you believe the science or not, there is surely only one answer.

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