I’ve finally moved my blog (and site) from WordPress to Octopress. It’s not because I hate WordPress - Octopress is just a better fit for me (and I do hate looking after MySQL).

Plenty of people have written about how to move1, and it wasn’t too difficult. To deploy my site, I am using git with the help of this excellent tip.

I also developed a custom theme for my site, which probably looks like it was made by a programmer (as it was), but does the job. It is also responsive enough to look good anywhere.

There are still some rough edges2, but I decided to ship it so I can work on (and hopefully finish) something else.

P.S. Sorry if you subscribe in Google Reader. It will likely think all my posts are new and published today, as it stupidly ignores the pubDate and uses the date the content was indexed.

  1. Some good articles I found are here, here and here. [return]
  2. No search, syntax highlighting is rubbish, way too many tags in the tag cloud, inconsistent pages, … [return]