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Kino Search Add-On Released for Foswiki

·1 min

After a lot of work I have finally released the new Kino Search extensions for Foswiki.

Kino Search is a Perl port of the Lucene indexed based search engine from Apache. The Foswiki extensions use this to provide fast, full text search of both topics and attachments. The attachments that can be indexed include MS Office 2003 and 2007 documents and PDF files.

This original add-on was available for TWiki but I have now ported this over as a new KinoSearchContrib and KinoSearchPlugin and made many improvements, including:

  • Fast CGI and mod_perl support
  • Indexing MS Office 2007 files
  • Much more resilient indexing
    • In particular when indexing password protected files or when an incorrect file type is supplied (such as attaching a image and calling it myfile.txt)
  • Using more of the official Foswiki API
  • Improved documentation and templates

There have been other technical improvements that are behind the scenes. The extensions also comes with a good testing suite, helping to ensure that it is of good quality.

For more information, see my posting on the official Foswiki blog (although remember that I wrote both, so the wording is similar…).