WebService::IMDBAPI is a Perl 5 interface to the IMDB API, a free service which provides a nice API to the IMDB data.

The synopsis shows how to use it:

my $imdb = WebService::IMDBAPI->new();
# an array of up to 1 result
my $results = $imdbapi->search_by_title('In Brugges', { limit => 1 });
# an WebService::IMDBAPI::Result object
my $result = $results->[0];
say $result->title;
say $result->plot_simple;

I will be using this as a source to App::MP4Meta. It currently uses IMDB::Film, which gets its data by screen scraping but was once again broken by changes to the IMDB. Using this API should be a lot more reliable.

A new version of App::MP4Meta which uses WebService::IMDBAPI should be ready a bit later.