For a while I have been using Gmail Tasks to try and organise myself. While it is nicely integrated into Gmail, I would quite like to be able to access it without needing to be in Gmail. Having looked at and found there was no interface I assumed there was none, until today when I found

The interface is very plain, which at first thought makes it a bit rubbish. Then I remembered that Firefox has a feature that allows it to open bookmarks in the sidebar, rather than the main window. While not very useful for most sites, the interface for Gmail Tasks is so minimalist that it works great in a sidebar.

To load the bookmark in the sidebar firstly save it as a regular bookmark. Once its saved find it in the menu and after right-clicking on it choose Properties from the menu. Then simply check the box marked Load in the sidebar, as shown below.

Click here to view how the bookmark looks when loaded in the sidebar.