Recently I have been using Buildbot for continuous integration for a number of my open source projects, including some Dist::Zilla based Perl projects (see

Buildbot is very customisable, so I have created some custom build steps for Dist::Zilla based projects. The main benefit is instead of seeing this in your waterfall.

You see this.

OK, so not too ground-breaking, but then it wasn’t a lot of work :-).

To use it, first download or clone the code and put it somewhere near your buildmaster.

Then, you can use something like the following in your Buildbot configuration file.

from dzil import DzilDependencies, DzilSmoke


Currently the following steps are implemented:

  • DzilAuthorDependencies
  • DzilDependencies
  • DzilSmoke
  • DzilTest

For more information, see the Github page. If you like, you can also see my configuration files, which I will explain in a future post :-).