WWW::XBoxLive - Perl Module to Get and Parse an XBox Live Gamercard

I have just published WWW::XBoxLive, a new Perl module to get and parse an XBox Live Gamercard (i.e. http://gamercard.xbox.com/en-US/BrazenStraw3.card).

Using it is pretty simple, as follows:

my $xbox_live = WWW::XBoxLive->new();
my $gamercard = $xbox_live->get('BrazenStraw3');
say $gamercard->name;
say $gamercard->bio;
for my $game (@{ $gamercard->recent_games }){
say $game->title;
say $game->last_played;

For more information, see the documentation on the CPAN, or browse the source on GitHub.